Kavya Epikurean Nagarkot is the first luxury all villa resort in Nepal. The resort provides a unique personalized butler service to each of its 25 luxury hillside villas offering spectacular views of the Himalayas. Only an hour’s drive from the capital, Kathmandu city, Kavya combines the best of nature and modern luxuries into an exquisite living experience. Guests have access to world-class amenities, while achieving harmony with nature – in an unmatched peaceful and tranquil surrounding.

Concealed within the dense forest on the hill, Kavya Epikurean Nagarkot offers unprecedented peace and tranquility – an environment only found in sanctuaries. You start with a short drive from Kathmandu, along a scenic winding road passing the historic Bhaktapur District, Terraced Fields and quaint villages climbing up the Himalaya to reach 2,195 meters to join life above the clouds.


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